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For Companies

Make your ideas a true reality.

Do you have a big problem to solve? Perhaps the need to search for a fresh perspective, using hands-on experts with creative problem solving skills? This is the heart of Lab Rooms; Co-create and collaborate to bring bold ideas to life.

A hand-picked team of industry specialists join your team in one of our tailor-made creative spaces to unlock your thinking, taking your growth ambition to the next level. Together we redefine growth and discover real, sustainable and actionable ways to solve the challenges you face. 

Interacting with our trainers, we guide your team to expand their thoughts and develop new ideas. We ask insightful questions, set achievable tasks and activate a shift in thinking to quickly reach tangible results.

Lab Rooms supports companies to realise their purpose while inspiring professionals with new ways of working. The goal: Create a world we want to work and live in.

Are you ready to

  1. Open up

    Explore & learn where you need an extra pair of hands and extra brainpower

  2. Join forces

    Together, think smart and create solutions with your extended team

  3. Grow your impact

    Realise your ideas and make them a reality

What to expect

  • Problem solving & fresh perspectives 
  • High-end expertise & skillsets 
  • Cross industry & hands-on experience 
  • Reflective learnings & new insights
  • Redefining & accelerating growth 
  • New ways of working 

How it works?

It's a program

We select amazing companies and identify the most effective ways to grow their business. We design them a tailor-made program to make that growth happen; an overarching program where we pair you with different changemakers in each session. The goal is to fulfil your company's absence of resources, taking your ideas to the next level, one session at a time. 

Let’s create the world we want to live in!

Drive impactful growth

Duration of this program is approx 3 - 4 months. It's possible to run the programs at any location. During the program our place is your place, your always welcome to join us in between sessions.