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For Changemakers

Join forces. Fuel ideas.

What if you could invest your time and skills for a greater cause? What if you could make a difference by teaming up with specialist thinkers and smart professionals from other companies to solve bigger challenges and bring ideas to life?

We created Lab Rooms to inspire, engage with and join together experts from different career fields; to use their skillsets and experiences for a greater cause AND to grow.

Savvy professionals from corporate careers, thinkers & doers from creative backgrounds working together to break free from their comfort zones to do work that they simply love to do.

Is this you? Join us and help create a world we all want to live in.

How can you contribute?

  1. Collaborate

    Share your skills and expertise with other bright minds.

  2. Promote

    Spread the word of Lab Rooms in your network or workplace.

  3. Start

    Share ideas, take ownership and create solutions for a better world.

In return you’ll get

  • Be inspired by fresh perspectives 
  • Be challenged to use your skillset 
  • Expand your expertise
  • Get new insights and experience
  • Network with inspiring, like-minded professionals
  • Learn new ways of working 

Ready. Set. Go!

Let's jam with our skillsets.

By offering your time and skills, you can help to make an impact. During every one-day sprint, you can shine and create solutions for the bigger problems that companies are facing.

For you, it’s a way to focus on personal growth. To get out of your comfort zone in a new working space, immerse yourself in different challenges surrounded by driven companies and new perspectives.

Feel like jamming?

Join our program, get trained & certified and have yourself challenged. Our projects are diverse in topic & expertise, which means there is a place for every discipline!