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So, What's Design Your Life?


October 30

Ashley Thompson

So, what is Design Your Life? 

As a recent addition to the Lab Rooms team, I attended the ‘Design Your Life’ creative session out of curiosity and, to be honest, show some team morale. With no insider information, no briefing and no expectation on how I would be designing my life, I signed up. The night before I had visions of holding hands with strangers in a circle and sharing wildly personal experiences… Clearing my mind, I made my way to the Hoxton Hotel in Amsterdam on Saturday morning.

Walking into The Hoxton Hotel, I was pleasantly surprised by the interiors (furniture I would love in my own home if money was no option), I gathered with my fellow Design Your Life attendees where breakfast (poached eggs on sourdough, fresh OJ and a soy latte!) was being served. A good start. Shortly after we were ushered into a homey ‘living room’ and our host introduced herself - Grace, a quirky, creative, high energy Australian with an intriguing knack for cutting through my clouded thoughts like a warm knife through butter. 

I’m not going to try to explain the dynamics of the creative methodologies from the day, but I can say it was a fun but calmly focused crowd. We worked individually (some faster, some slower, there were no rules). I don’t know what objectives others had but my own goals were focused around fitness & health. When I felt like I was getting derailed or just ‘work-shopping for the sake of it’, Grace popped by to get me back on track. Towards the end, a few of the others cottoned on to her ability to guide people through their own thoughts, making her one-on-one time high in demand. That was the only downside of my morning - although I should probably take her to lunch if I want more dedicated time for €20 including breakfast ;)

After the session, I left energised, inspired and very happy with myself. I proceeded to indulge for the rest of the weekend with copious amounts of food and G&Ts. Which sounds like a fail…But really, it was just a slow start. I've started biking to work instead of catching the metro and have a longer term goal in mind. I'm not running marathons yet but I have a private list of small targets that I can quietly work towards without feeling overwhelmed.

That’s when I realized that’s what Design Your Life is truly about. It’s not about doing everything at once to magically propel me towards my long term goals but to take baby steps to get to where I want to be. Design Your Life is the kind of creative morning that doesn’t break the bank and lets you prioritise YOU, a yummy breakfast with somebody to add some structure and creative thinking to the mix. #highlyrecommended

Shoot me a line if you have Q’s, happy to try answer them! 

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**Note: The Design Your Life format has been tweaked a little, according to feedback, and the next session is November 17th at Collab and costs €37,98 (incl booking charges), you can book here.