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What would you redesign in one day?


November 16

Martijn Boomsma

The Netherlands, Amsterdam, 16 november 2018

Sinterklaas (the Dutch traditional Santa) booked a Lab Room to redesign 'Zwarte Piet'

Together with a couple of sweet children Sinterklaas redesigned Pete. Using our methodology and tested via rapid prototyping the new style Pete is directly available. 

“Innovating Pete together with the actual target audience, the children, is a dream come true. I am ashamed for the Netherlands and the hard and often aggressive discussion about Black Face Pete.”

Martijn Boomsma, CEO Lab Rooms

“The word of mouth about Lab Rooms even reached Spain. Its amazing to see how fast you can make decisions by following your heart and intuition. While having a lot of fun. Im already thinking to book a second Lab Room since our ship with a steam engine needs an upgrade in order to become more sustainable and eco friendly.”



Why innovate in one day?

Having the idea is one thing, getting the innovation to market is another. The redesign of Piet was made during an Innovate Lab Room to fast track the process of innovation, while cultivating skills that can be applied to the future. We love to chat about big ideas, innovations, scaling business models and changing the world - if you do too, drop us a line at [email protected]

Happy holidays,

Martijn & the team at Lab Roomia x