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Happy we STARTED


June 1

Happy we STARTED !!

During a two day Lab Room we have created the first ever Lab Rooms magazine. We were busy making the Lab Rooms product catalog and suddenly we got hit by a train... a train that took us on a trip... we closed our eyes and there it was... we are going to make a magazine. And we will include as much people we can find at a short notice.... Well success.. we had a lot of fun and we can say we are publishers now. STARTED is born. What is it? It's an art magazine, creative outlet filled with photos, poems, stories and installations.... all captured on paper. Yes paper. Because we can print. 

What is this about?

Is anyone really sure? Do we live in a world more organised than chaotic, or more chaotic than organised? While politics have taken a weird turn and chaos ensued, the opinions of people’s minds have carefully been divided into neat algorithms. While climate change is causing mother earth to mess up seasons, groups of people are strengthening their impact and are organising global movements. While some snooze forty times, the other has already done laundry, walked the dog and ironed their blouse. While some are traveling the world, others still get lost on the same way home from the office each day. Artists are seen as chaotic geniuses, but minimalism is loved worldwide. Children are acting like adults and adults like children. Start-ups are growing fast each day. Forests are disappearing at the same pace. Innovations can now be done in a day. Progress seems to go the other way. Maybe the world is just a bit of both. An organised chaos.

Next edition

We are dreaming about a second edition. Want to join our pack as an artist, designer, writer or anything. Join us at the Lab Room for STARTED. send an email.

You like, you want?

Get your copy send by mail (yes post mail, not email) to you by us!! Wherever you are on Earth.

send an email to [email protected] with your address and we will take care of it.