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Having the idea is one thing, getting the innovation to market is another. The Innovate Lab Room fast tracks the process of innovation to help your business stay agile, while cultivating skills that can be applied to your team’s future projects.

Why Innovate Lab Room

  1. Find the opportunity

    Explore, analyse and ask the right questions to ensure you’re solving the right problem.

  2. Develop the idea

    Use these insights to design smart and simple solutions.

  3. Prototype and test

    Develop, test and refine your ideas. Discover and which ones to move forward with and which ones to leave behind.

Use Innovation Lab Room for:

  • Ideation & creation
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Rapid Prototyping & Testing
  • Kickstart or accelerate you’re latest innovation projects

The science behind:

Why this Lab Room fosters innovation?

From conception to ideation, prototyping to testing, the Innovate Lab Room will energise, inspire and inform your team in their process to develop effective new products, services and business models. 

Innovate Lab Room starting at € 2895.-

Fast-track the process of innovation and take great ideas from conception to rapidly tested, market-ready concepts.