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The Grow Lab Room is all about discovering real and sustainable ways to scale up, right now. 

Guided by our specialist, we'll help your team expand their minds and develop new ideas. Together, we'll ask big questions, set small, achievable tasks and activate a shift in thinking along the way.  

Why Grow Lab Room

  1. Conceive and ideate

    Collectively develop ideas through activities that capitalise on market knowledge, user insights and your team’s intuition.

  2. Evaluate

    Assess and refine ideas into actionable strategies for immediate growth.

  3. Execute, test, learn

    Implement and test key ideas on the spot. Gain new insights and discover new tools for future growth.

Use Grow Lab Room for:

  • Think outside the box & try new things
  • Prioritize and test market ideas
  • Learn to apply growth hacking techniques
  • Get things done

The science behind:

Why this Lab Room fosters growth?

Once potential opportunities are identified, we begin developing, mapping, testing and learning. By the end of the day, you’ll have an actionable growth strategy, with key initiatives often already tried and rapidly tested.

Grow Lab Room starting at € 2895.-

A fast, fun and fearless way to identify the most effective ways to grow your business. Finish with a strategy that’s actionable immediately.