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“As the builders say, the larger stones do not lie well without the lesser.” - Plato

The art of “building together” has been known for centuries. The Wright brothers were not only two brothers, they actually had a fourth floor filled with builders also having their backs. To build there is a team effort to take your idea to the next level. In our INNOVATE, GROW or CHANGE Lab Rooms you will be prototyping, testing and learning from the outcomes. Now it’s time to build further on your idea and make them market-ready. Together and NOW. 

Why Build Lab Room

  1. Get it done

    Stop starting, start finishing. We start the day visualizing a clear plan to determine specific goals and we are not leaving before it gets done.

  2. Speed up

    Don’t wait or hesitate. Make faster decisions and use our specialist to find the most efficient and effective path through the product development process.

  3. Feel energized

    Get inspired by hard working specialists, get tips and learn shortcuts. Often a birds eye view on your ideas by the people who are making stuff gives you the insight you need.

Use Build Lab Room for:

  • Start the day with a project, finish it with a product
  • Boost your product development
  • Turn a prototype into a market-ready idea
  • Anything can be made 5 times faster

The science behind:

Why this Lab Room to build?

During the BUILD Lab Room, together with our team of developers, designers, artists, writers and strategists, we will ignite, boost, kick start and finish that product building. The experience of being in the same space with specialists, while using fast decision methodologies based on Lean Startup, Design Sprints and Getting Things Done will inspire everyone to work faster while having fun. It’s time to stop your snooze fest of meetings, and get out of your office into a Build Lab Room. Let's build something together!

A peak inside some build Lab Rooms

“With the opening of our new location in Florence, Italy, the old website didn’t support multilingual very well. Lab Rooms offered to build the website based on Kentico Cloud and Hubspot CRM and Marketing suite. In just one week they build the system, including a sales funnel and multi user / role management system. Being in the room with the builders helped a lot, we were able to make fast decisions.”

Yves Bontje

Director co-working at The Student Hotel

“We already had a great concept for a Christmas promotion, but no idea how to get it live. In only one day, Robin and Charlie developed the whole thing, including a promotional landing page and back-end system. It was a huge success with over 400.000 participants.”

Martine Oortwijn

Marketing coordinator at Beemsterkaas

“We needed some fresh ideas for the Earth Hour campaign. During the Lab Room, we developed the ‘Dinner in the dark’ campaign. And on top of that, the Lab Rooms experts even helpen reach out to new potential partners. The day was a huge hit!”

Cynthia van Zwol

Sr. Manager Communications and Campaigns at WWF

Build Lab Room starting at € 2895.-

Inspire your team to work faster whille having fun! Build further on your idea and make it market-ready.