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Who are we?

We are a team of dreamers, makers and doers from diverse backgrounds who came together to create a space to work, experiment and play - seamlessly.

Lab Rooms, our spaces, are thoughtfully curated for experimentation and play. Each location is beautifully designed and each experience is tailored to your needs for the day.

Lab Nation, our internal agency, was created around the theory that placing talented people in a stimulating and nutured environment, gives them the space for unhinged creativity.

Combine our Lab Room Spaces, Programs and Experts together and you will experience the full potential of working Power, Passion and Balance. 

The founders

Femke Storm Co-CEO

Femke is on a crusade against inefficiency, miscommunication and frustration, with a specialty in supporting companies and entrepreneurs accelerate and innovate. Quickly. 

Martijn Boomsma Co-CEO

Martijn is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse background in tech, film & app development. His passion now resides in helping companies and individuals find better ways of working together.

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What to expect from a Lab Rooms Program?