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We want to help you accelerate your business and unlock your teams' full potential! Lab Rooms empowers your team to increase their speed, take ownership, collaborate and to kick-start or kick-finish your project. You don’t have to prepare a thing; the Lab Rooms expert-duo guides you through a kick-ass day with lots of fun, food and tangible results

Our way of working

Empower your team
Work together with 2 of our experts, with various skills and talents, and have an extremely productive day in one of our creative spaces. 

Create ownership
Take control over your projects and become a high performing team. Not only for the day, but also back at the company. 

Skip the red tape  
We always say “ask for forgiveness, not permission”. Quickly get work done inside a Lab Room, prototype and validate, and share actual tangible results with the company. 

No more distractions  
It’s hard not to get distracted when not aligned. Book a Lab Room and work with your team toward the same goal away from your daily grind.

Interested? Let's chat.

What a day in Lab Rooms looks like